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Environment Agencies

 Ector County Environmental Enforcement  
 EPA Illegal Dumping Prevention Guidebook  
 EPA Wastes - Non-Hazardous Waste  
 TCEQ Free Publications  
 TCEQ Illegal Dumping Guide  
 TCEQ Municipal Solid Waste Permitting  
 TCEQ Pollution Prevention Planning  
 TCEQ Recycle Texas Online  
 TCEQ Where to Find Resources on Managing Municipal Solid Waste  

Environment Studies

Texas Recycling Data Initiative
The Study of the Economic Impacts of Recycling

Recycling/Waste Reduction

American Iron and Steel Institute  
Buy Recycled  
Cooperative Teamwork & Recycling Assistance
EPA Excess Food Opportunities Map  
How to Recycle Anything  
Keep Texas Beautiful  
Medication Disposal Program
National Recycling Coalition
Planet Protector for Kids
Plastic Film Recycling
Plastics Resource
Product Stewardship Institute
State of Texas Alliance for Recycling
Steel Recycling Institute
Texas Recycles Computers Program
The Aluminum Association
The Daily Green
The Recycling Partnership
Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP)
Waste 360
Ways to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Your Plastic Containers

Renewable Energy

Go Solar Texas  
Solar Energy  


Texas Environment Training & Compliance  
Texas Illegal Dumping Resource Center