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Permian Basin
Oil & Gas
Supply Chain Resilience
and Security Workshop
(held 9/30/15)

The September 30th workshop was the first in a series of similar workshops that are being held in Midland, Corpus Christi, El Paso and Houston in 2015.

Focus was primariy on building resilience and security through joint planning and communication. The objectives included defining the industry supply chain identify and beginning to address security and resilience concerns, building relationships, developing resources for training, promoting standards, and ultimately improving supply chain resilience and security to naural and technological hazads and human-caused tthreats.

  PBRPC News Release
  Workshop Brochure
  Barney Welch - Welcome
  Kevin Clement - Overview to Critical Supply Chain Workshop
  TXOGA Supply Chain Workshops - Web Version
  FBI - September 30th Brief
  Barney Welch - Pre-Workshop Survey Presentation
  DHS Training and Resources
  MOTRAN PB Workshop
  PBW Presentation - Next Steps
  NewsWest 9 NBC
  Texas Railroad Commission
  The Midland Reporter Telegram
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